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A family is sort of relations you are bound to the day you are born. I have plenty of good childhood memories and on occasion I like to pick up family albums and look back at that time when we were all living under the same roof. Something happened to me when my sister first moved out, then my brother and lastly myself. In a way I wanted it to last longer, because I missed them so much when they left. Now that I am currently living in another country I felt the sudden urge to tell them this and to pay homage.


When I'm out with my mom we often meet people that greets her, "Hi, Helen!" accompanied with a wave and a smile. She most often don't know the person (my mom talks to everyone). She also cares for everyone and she loves me, my sister, brother and my father more than anything.


My dad's name is Trond and he is brought up in Trondheim. He is incredibly kind, helpful and capable of many things. Right now he is working on building a family cabin in the mountains. I want the name of the cabin to be Tronds Heim which basically means that it's his shelter.


My older sister, Marte, is brilliant with numbers. She even has a master degree in economy. Of the same reason you would think she's a boring office person, but by no means. She is always smiling and brings fun with her wherever she goes. I don't think she ever runs out of energy and stuff to do.


It is our bigger brother that consistently call Marte a boring office person. We like to call him Terje the Teaser (it doesn't really translate). He even used to call our cat a Norwegian word for "stray dog" which always ended with my mom getting the Dictionary from the shelves and reading the definition out loud to us. His playful personality makes him a great dad.