Whilst walking around my neighbourhood it suddenly dawned on me how what is natural has been replaced by something simple and practical, namely a light switch. We live in a time where access to electricity is considered a basic amenity or even human right. Daylights is a series of images that illustrates human's relationship with electricity; transforming light sources, electric poles and sources of energy that humans have learned to contain and use for electricity, to monuments of human achievement. When Tesla invented his fluorescent light in 1899 people were in awe as this meant there would be no night. It was like a miracle sent from above. In this digital era it is interesting to think Ra “the sun God” bringer of light and warmth to all creatures living on Earth, has been replaced by electricity and artificial light that illuminate our planet around-the-clock.

Daylights (2014 - ) is a continuing project. Photographing lights in daylight was my first subject matter and is still the most important one. It is an image that tell about overconsumption.